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Carl Sagan testified to Congress in 1985 about the danger of global warming and advocated for a transition away from fossil fuels. A …

Building a Second Brain: The Illustrated Notes Read:

Thanks so much @annahavron! Great presentation. If you want Anna’s handout with a worksheet to figure out the values that govern your time …

My productivity app is a never-ending .txt file


I’ve created playlists on YouTube for all 3 Micro Camps, in case you, like me, have a long flight and might want to download and watch them …

Solo RPG Resources

The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI

I do love these Star Trek Christmas songs and appreciate the effort that has gone into them. You can probably find sound bites to create any …

New Year’s Resolution: Make Information Accessible, for Those Who Survive You

Eric Gregorich - Add Reading Time to your template

Mmmm, I forgot has Quotebacks built in. Delicious! 😋

How to Show Bookshelf on Any Page mattlangford.comRead:

The cost of your cat pictures

The IndieWeb for Everyone | Max Böck

How to make a real-time in-browser editor with HTML5′s contenteditable

Have fond memories of the time when games came with a manual? Grow up playing games you didn't quite grasp, relying on exploring, and just …

Straightforward advice from @benwerd: You should blog. Yes, you. It's really easy to get started. Use whatever platform you want. And you …
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I'm a senior web developer doing non-profit work in juvenile justice, a tai chi teacher in-training, and a homeschool mom to a couple of wonderful children.

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