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This website was built to be fun! Instead of drab, this one is fab! Minimize this window and check out what's on my desktop. You'll find my photos, website pages, what I'm reading, and anything else I'm in the mood to share. Wanna reach me? Drop me a line at Have a fantastic day! ~Loura

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  • I’m watching Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets on Prime. As a homeschooling mother, I recommend it. I have to be extremely careful selecting materials, because these IBLP/fundamentalist teachings are pervasive in the homeschooling community and materials. There is real harm being perpetrated with these ideologies and it is tragic. It’s a hard show to watch. For my homeschooling friends, please look closely at the materials you use and the companies that put them out.  Read More  #Homeschooling 
  • 📸 TheRealChadwick and I took the kids to a local carnival this weekend. The weather was lovely, the music fabulous, and the rides wicked expensive 😂. A fantastic end to the weekend!
  • 📸 The project supervisor is checking in 🐱
  • I’ve been puzzling over Logseq’s “Scheduled and Deadline” section on today’s journal page and what it displays or doesn’t. Turns out it will show what’s due in the next seven days. Also what’s overdue as long as it is repeating. A straight up overdue task won’t show which I find odd.
  • I might have procrastinated making some phone calls by redesigning my website 🤣. I needed something new, fun, and bright. Okay, I promise I’ll go get the calls done right now 📱. Here’s the site link if you want to check it out Hey Loura!.
  • Interesting article: Rejecting the Mommy Wars. It hits close to home. I’ve definitely felt the strain on some of my friendships because our parenting methods have diverged over the years.
  • 📸 Newest members of the flock 🐣
  • 📸 I’m rather excited to run a Dungeon Crawl Classics game in a couple weeks. I’ve been making some mini-adventure cards to have on hand for inspiration. After trying out a couple of card sizes I think I like the 5inx7in format the best.  #RPG 
  • 📸 📰 Logseq or Obsidian, I can't decide About a month ago I decided that I wanted to try Logseq. I had downloaded Obsidian earlier in the year and never really used it and mostly forgot about it. Until I was inspired to clean up my digital subscriptions back in April. One thing I did was cancel my budgeting solution, YNAB, and start building out my own little budget tracker. Another part of that was letting go of Notion.  Read More
  • 📸 Spring time under our maple tree 🍁

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I'm a senior web developer doing non-profit work in juvenile justice, a tai chi teacher in-training, and a homeschool mom to a couple of wonderful children.

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