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I’m a senior web developer doing non-profit work in juvenile justice, a tai chi teacher in-training, and a homeschool mom to a couple of wonderful children.

Things I tend to post about.

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It’s that time of year! I think we might try and get some Salmon Faverolles this time around. My daughter is beyond excited 🐣

My favorite use of ChatGPT so far: meal planning. It made me a balanced whole food meal plan with a shopping list. Now it didn’t do any calculations (like get 2 bananas) but this has saved me a ton of time! It even respected my food allergies! 🥗🥪😋

These two text messages and two phone calls I need to make are all that’s between me and a hot chocolate.

I absolutely love my new journal cover. Animal Crossing is my jam and I thought I’d missed my chance since this design was released before I had a Hobonichi journal. But my husband surprised me with it this week 😊❤️

Journal cover with animal crossing design

One of these days when I take a day off I won’t be painting… But that’s not today 😂

Row of unpainted windows