Some weeks really do pass by in a blur. I think it’s because I tend to “go-go-go” and then collapse down to rest at the end of the day. This week was once again no exception. There is finally some movement on our condo sale and my original plan on Monday, to attend an important town meeting, was waylaid by the need to quickly check all the fire alarms in the unit, repair bleach damage on the wood floors the tenants left and get every room broom clean for a mortgage lenders quick inspection the next day. Why the buyers waited to the day of the mortgage commitment clause in our agreement to say they needed an inspection is a source of much frustration on my part. Thank you Panera Bread for having an app to place an order for dinner otherwise the kids wouldn’t have gotten anything to eat until after 9pm and thank you to my husband for working with me to tackle “all the things”. Tuesday wasn’t much better since I had to get over to the condo during the work day to let them come and inspect the place. Luckily everything seemed to go without a hitch. But since things are moving forward, quickly, like in less then two weeks quick, we had a large influx of very important things that must be done as soon as possible.

I’m not sure if it was Tuesday evening or Wednesday when my brain fully processed that Thanksgiving was basically a week away and since I’m hosting I better start to get my act together. I think I’ve got a tasty menu planned now and if being ridiculously overcharged for beets on Sunday is the biggest hitch I’ll count myself lucky. But that does mean that me tearing apart my daughter’s room a few weeks ago to repaint it wasn’t the brightest idea, timing-wise, that I’ve ever had. It did occur to me that finishing painting her room, assembling the new furniture for it, painting the trim on three windows in the my office space, cleaning the house, braving the crowds at the grocery store the weekend before Thanksgiving, and driving three hours to do a play date visit is probably too much for my husband and I. So I did take two of those things off that list 😆.

The other highlight of the week was the aforementioned play date. Well, less of a playdate and more of a meetup for other kids that are also in the virtual homeschooling group my kids attend. It was tucked away in the woods by a lake with a large fire to keep everyone warm. The fire was much needed too, by the time we left I was a popsicle. But it was amazing for my kids to connect in-person with kids they’ve only interacted with over zoom meetings. There was running around, adventuring in the woods, laughing over snacks, and even a zombie apocalypse game for the kids. It made me feel a lot better about my choices to talk with others facing the same issues and exploring off-the-beaten-path way of educating children. This year homeschooling has been our best yet.

Now, is the keep it real part of this weekly recap. It’s been an emotional week for me. Things in my immediate family feel irreparably broken. It’s hard to not write in my own value judgements since it is so personal and emotionally charged. But suffice it to say that after a hard year I was looking forward to a simple holiday with my parents. My parents declare that, in the name of fairness, they will invite all the children to holiday gatherings. Which means, given my boundaries around one of my siblings, I’m not attending. And may never get to attend again and man that sucks… My parents are well within their rights to invite whomever they want and I’m well within my rights to maintain a hard boundary against an abusive sibling. But that’s a cold comfort to have. So I’ll host for my sister and my mother in law and try my best to have it light and fun for the kids. But damn it hurts.

Okay, that over with, there were some other nice things that happened this week: A get together with a friend and her foster child at the park, movies and pizza for my kids and some of their cousins, getting a little further in the game Tunic (which is awesome by the way), figuring out how and why all my unit tests at work were failing, having a blast a tap dancing, going out for coffee with my sister, catching up with an old friend and being hopeful that once this condo sale goes through we can rekindle the friendship.

So that’s what’s been going on.

Until next time, Loura