• I’ve been using this layout for the last six weeks and it’s a keeper. I’m not splitting aspects of my life across different apps, excel sheets, or notebooks and that’s helping me stay on top of it all. Plus, stickers! Most apps don’t have them and I love them.

  • At work I’m tackling a huge software project and my normal approach isn’t cutting it. So over the holiday’s I read Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters. It really resonated with me in a way other books on the subject haven’t. I’m still stuck using Asana, since that’s what my compay uses, but I was able to recreate a portion of the shaping workflow in it. I’ve been using it almost a month now and I’m really digging it.

    image of kanban board following the shape up methadology
  • I got a Hobonichi Cousin journal for the new year and I’ve been been trying out different layouts to keep track of homeschooling, work, and my personal tasks. This is my favorite so far. Homeschooling log in the center and color coded.

    Hobonichi Cousin with personal, homeschooling, and work tasks in the weeks layout
  • I’ve cleaned up my notion set up to be more in line with the Johnny Decimal System and I’m liking it so far.

  • Brushed off the old Notion app and digging into the Johnny Decimal system. Also on the list tonight is freezing some Cheese Gougères for Thanksgiving and roasting some beets. Maybe I’ll even have some time to mess with my blog styling as well 😀

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