• I finally found the time and energy to make it to a Kung Fu practice last night. Lots of good stretching and sword forms in class, plus some new faces 😀.

    Man and woman facing each other, swords crossed as they circle each other
  • Fire rises
    Water falls
    Wood expands
    Metal contracts

  • I finally took the time to write down the version of eight silk brocades I use as part of my tai chi practice. You can check the page out on my website Qi Gong - Eight Silk Brocades ☯️

  • Nothing like a Tai Chi class to help let go of a stressful week. ☯️

  • “In Tai Chi, just like in life, if you have a way in then you need a way out.” - 💬Sifu Jamie

  • It’s been way too long since I’ve managed to gather up the energy to attend a Kung Fu class. But going back tonight helped remind me why I love it. ⚔️ Two Person Stick, Twin Tsun Sword, and Tai Chi Broadsword.

  • Tai Chi was just the thing after a long and stressful day ☯️ Old Yang, Broadsword, and 108 Yang Forms today

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