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I’m a senior web developer doing non-profit work in juvenile justice, a tai chi teacher in-training, and a homeschool mom to a couple of wonderful children.

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Finished reading: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo πŸ“š. I really liked it. It was perfect for my mood and it was nice to be swept away in a fantasy novel for a while.

I’ve been using this layout for the last six weeks and it’s a keeper. I’m not splitting aspects of my life across different apps, excel sheets, or notebooks and that’s helping me stay on top of it all. Plus, stickers! Most apps don’t have them and I love them.

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One thing I’ve learned about homeschooling classes and summer camps. Enrollment happens way sooner than you’d expect. I’ve snagged a few classes for my son and I’m glad that’s off my to-do list. Next step… find bargins on all the required textbooks and materials.


My son is getting ready to run his first d&d campaign with some friends so I’m spending the afternoon helping him scale and print out maps. He’s responsible for all the cutting and taping together. 😁


One of my resolutions for 2023 was to use journal daily. And so far I’m doing it! I’m using it to practice my doodles, jot down interesting quotes and thoughts, and include some memories. Most are too personal to share but I hope to highlight a few on my blog from time to time.

Stopped reading: Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson πŸ“š. It pains me to say… but this is my least favorite book by Brandon. The first third of the book was fine, my opinion fell by the second third, and I couldn’t bring myself to finish the last few chapters. The strong narrator, yes I know who it is, pulled me out of the story rather than immersing me in it.

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At work I’m tackling a huge software project and my normal approach isn’t cutting it. So over the holiday’s I read Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters. It really resonated with me in a way other books on the subject haven’t. I’m still stuck using Asana, since that’s what my compay uses, but I was able to recreate a portion of the shaping workflow in it.

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